SANE EPSON Backend - Supported Scanners


Important Update

The EPSON Perfection 1250, 1260 and 660 are not and will very likely not be supported by this SANE backend.

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Some of the EPSON scanners have a letter after the model number, this usually indicates which interface a scanner is using: S for SCSI and U for USB - and some scanners even come with both interfaces: SU. If one model is supported, then in all cases I know about all interfaces are supported.

The list of supported scanners in the official SANE release is at the SANE site. This is however not the latest and greatest version. The backend version you can download from my site supports the following scanners:

US/Canada Europe/Asia Japan Interface Comments
n/a GT-4000 GT-4000
ES-300C GT-6000 GT-6000 Parallel
ES-600C GT-6500 GT-5400
ES-800C GT-8000 GT-8000
ES-1000C GT-8500 GT-8500
ES-1200C GT-9000 GT-9000 Parallel
ActionScanner II GT-5000 GT-5000 SCSI, Parallel
n/a GT-5500 GT-5500
Perfection 636 GT-7000 GT-7000 SCSI, USB
Perfection 1200 Perfection 1200 GT-7600 SCSI, USB
Perfection 1240 SCSI, USB
Perfection 1640 SCSI, USB
Perfection 610 Perfection 610 GT-6600 USB
Perfection 640 Perfection 640 USB
Expression 636 GT-9500 SCSI
Expression 836XL GT-12000 ES-8000 SCSI
Expression 1600 Expression 1600 ES-2000 SCSI, USB, IEEE-1394
Expression 1640 SCSI, USB, IEEE-1394
Expression 1680 SCSI, USB, IEEE-1394
GT-10000 GT-10000 ES-6000 SCSI
Perfection 1650 Perfection 1650 Perfection 1650 USB
Perfection 1660 Perfection 1660 Perfection 1660 USB
Perfection 2450 Perfection 2450 Perfection 2450 USB The IEEE-1394 interface is now also supported (in the CVS version).
Perfection 2400 Perfection 2400 Perfection 2400 USB
Perfection 600 Unsupported This is actually a UMAX Astra 1200S in disguise. The UMAX backend will handle this scanner. Check out Oliver Rauch's UMAX page
ES-8500 SCSI
FilmScan 200 Unsupported FilmScan 200 - A better backend for the FilmScan 200 can be found at

The parallel port scanners should work, I only have confirmation for those that are marked as "supported". For more information about the parallel port scanners please see Christian Bucher's web site. All SCSI scanners should work, the only exception here is the Perfection 600, which does work with Sane, just not with the EPSON backend (see the comments in the table for more information). For all USB scanners check out my USB Scanner page. For more information about the IEEE-1394 scanners, check my IEEE-1394 Scanner page.

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