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I'm working on some Gimp related color management stuff. This is all in very early stages, so don't be surprised if it's either not easy to compile/install/use or if it does not do what you expect it to do. In both cases: I welcome every patch/idea/encouragement.

ICC Support For TIFF Plugin

This patch modifies the tiff plugin so that it can read and write TIFF files with embedded ICC profiles. These profiles are stored as Gimp parasites.

Download the patch file tiff_icc.diff and apply it as follows:

   cd gimp-1.1.xx
   patch -p0 < /where/every/your/patch/file/is/stored

This patch is not necessary for the current Gimp (1.2.x) versions.

Gimp Color Manager Plug-in

Another thing that is in a stage so that others can use it is the "Color Manager Plug-in". This is a Gimp plugin that can apply ICC profiles to an image. This can e.g. be an input profile to remove the color problems introduced by a scanner or an output profile to prepare an image for color corrected printing.

This package requires the LCMS library. Download the gimp-color-manager plugin and run the usual "./configure ; make" followed by a make install. This should add a new menu item "Color Manager" to the "Filter" menu.

This plugin performs several tasks:

  • Apply a Profile-to-Profile transformation from an input RGB color space to a color work space (e.g. scanner RGB to sRGB).
  • Apply a Profile-to-Profile transformation from a color work space to an output RGB color space (e.g. sRGB to printer RGB).
  • Apply a profile with preview tags for "soft proofing". The out of gamut colors will be marked with in a really annoying green. In the future this color will be configurable.
More information about how to use this plug-in can be found in the README file.

Change Log

2001-07-12: Fixed the bug with output profiles, added a button to embed the currently selected workspace profile, some code clean-up and some more small bug fixes.

2001-06-17: The strings for the input/output profile combo boxes are now copied first. Fixed a bug in the GList destruction, the strings are now freed first. There is still a problem when the "Output" profiles are selected, the settings for the profile directory are lost. I don't have time right now to look for this problem (for my Sane work I'm mostly interested in input profiles anyway).

Scanner Correction

Printer Correction

ICC Profiles

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